Allied Mills is a market leader leader in the manufacture and distribution of food
ingredients and their procurement team plays a crucial role in the profitability of the

When recruiting into the team it is vital that candidates with the appropriate intellect,
values, behaviours and experience are identified. It has proved to be a challenge
to identify the combination of soft commodity trading skills and indirect spend
experience required by the business because:

A) It is a rare combination of skills and category expertise

B) There are no direct competitors or companies with similar business
models in the area from which to head hunt

Working closely with the HR and Procurement leaders of the business EdburyDaley
have been able to help the business make two successful appointments from very
different backgrounds. How did we do this?

Firstly we sought to understand the unique combination of skills required for the role
and how the business intended to measure the suitability of candidates through the
selection process.

By identifying and prioritising the key transferable skills required, EdburyDaley
was able to develop a recruitment strategy designed to identify candidates with the
capability of successfully applying their skills in a completely new industry.

We identified several relevant candidates from a range of sectors including other
areas of the food industry, automotive, IT, telecoms and manufacturing.

Using a comprehensive selection process Allied Mills successfully evaluated a range
of strong candidates and have made two excellent appointments.

Furthermore by using such a comprehensive recruitment process, both the client and
the chosen candidates were given great confidence that the appointments (or career
moves in the case of the candidates) would be successful.

Kelly Hepworth, Group HR Manager commented:

“We can rely on Edbury Daley to really understand our needs, advise us
on the relevant market conditions and then devise a strategy to find
the talent we need for our business.

We are delighted with the quality of the people we have appointed and
the service we have received from Edbury Daley”