Both our founding Directors have worked nationally from their base in Manchester since they started their recruitment careers in the mid 90’s. Regional geography has never been an obstacle to success throughout the UK but with technology increasingly making the world smaller in recent years we’ve been able to extend our capability into Europe and beyond.

As we’ve expanded our international network in recent years we’ve seen the list of locations we’ve worked in grow and grow. The Spend Management market is perhaps the best example of international work as we have helped our clients recruit for a range of industry specialist roles across Europe with appointments in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Sweden.

We’ve also moved some excellent people from Eastern Europe to the UK for delivery focused roles.

We are currently developing our capability in the USA, India and Dubai.

In addition to this, we’ve also made appointments in London, Birmingham, Munich, Dublin, Paris, Zurich, Warsaw and Mexico City proving that our recruitment methods can be applied anywhere successfully.

If you want to learn about the recruitment market trends we’ve observed in these markets, our free report is available here.

Our recruitment methods can be applied anywhere successfully