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How Do You Prepare For An Interview?

  We are pleased to share a very useful article written by one of our long standing partners Iain Stewart. A client recently asked me how to approach the process of re-applying for her job, as a consequence of a major re-organisation, with a new boss who she does…

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Career Development Advice

Andrew Daley was invited by Philip Ideson from the excellent Art Of Procurement podcast to discuss two of his favourite topics, Talent Attraction and Career Development, both of which should be of interest to the modern Procurement or Spend Management professional.

The Rules Of Talent Attraction should be of particular interest to any hiring manager who is focused on recruiting the best people they can find into their team.  It covers key areas like recruitment processes designed to attract as well as assess strong candidates, the supply and demand of various core procurement skills and how to avoid some common recruitment mistakes.

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Our Directors are well educated, professional, career recruiters with vast experience in their respective markets. They are hands on consultants, involved in every appointment our business makes, ensuring we deliver to the highest standards. We reject the traditional high pressure recruitment agency approach that has been unpopular for so long favouring long term credibility over short term commercial gain. We are truly professional Consultants in Executive Recruitment and differentiate ourselves through the quality of the advice we offer our clients.

Address: Edbury Daley Ltd, Station House, Stamford New Road, Altrincham, Cheshire WA14 1EP

Phone: +44 (0)161 924 2385

Business Hours: 9:00am-17:30pm M-F

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The Procurement & Spend Management Insider October 2017

The Procurement & Spend Management Insider is our unique, highly acclaimed report into the job market conditions for those working in the procurement technology and supply chain solutions sectors, along with procurement professionals. It covers both the UK and...

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Stakeholder Alienation – The Road To Failure

Politicians and entire governments have fallen, through failing to recognise the views of stakeholders; Chairmen, CEO’s and whole boards have lost the initiative by ignoring how those with influence feel; you too could fail in your procurement leadership role, if you...

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