One of the many attributes our Directors possess is the ability to find the right person regardless of the effort required or the market conditions encountered.

The following case study highlights two almost identical situations where we helped make crucial appointments. Working with a niche supply chain consultancy, we were introduced to two clients, one a highly regarded FTSE 100 FMCG giant, the other a Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical business.

The common characteristics were:

* both clients needed true category specialism linked with process expertise, excellent stakeholder management skills and first class supply market knowledge. Demand for such people is far greater than supply
* these were important appointments in newly created roles designed to enable procurement to reach deeper into old areas of spend and begin to penetrate new categories
* unsuccessful advertising campaigns by existing suppliers had caused the client to consider new ideas
* Edbury Daley was recommended on each occasion to bring fresh impetus to the process

Why we were successful:

* we dig deeper and look beyond the obvious areas to find people
* we bring energy, passion and innovation to the process
* once we find the right people, we don’t let go
* we work hard with all parties to ensure alignment in the latter stages and ultimately get closure on the deal.

What we did:

* advised the clients on the options available to them given the work that had already been undertaken on the projects
* on both occasions, we took a “no stone unturned” approach to our networking, speaking to as many relevant contacts as possible with the emphasis on targeting the best people available in the market who hadn’t previously been considered.
* sold both the client organisation and the career opportunities to strong candidates, overcoming potential issues, particularly relating to the failure of previous advertising campaigns and the concerns that can create

What made the difference on each occasion here was our ability to understand the brief, set realistic expectations for the client, agree a strategy and then deliver exactly what we promised.

“I have every confidence in EdburyDaley; each time I have retained them or recommended them to one of my clients, they have delivered excellent results – their knowledge of both sides of the market is outstanding”

Iain Stewart, Director, Medinrun Limited