We were working with a global investment organisation who were seeking to recruit a new Head of IT Procurement.


* newly created role in an emerging function which normally operates a preferred list of three suppliers
* due to our performance on previous appointments and the sensitivity of the role, the client gave us this position on an exclusive basis
* there had already been a lot of recent moves for similar roles within the banking sector which narrowed the available candidate pool significantly

What we did

* we immediately utilised our network both within the banking industry and in less obvious areas to find strong candidates
* within a period of one week we had targeted three candidates who closely matched the criteria set by the client
* despite hectic market conditions for such people, we identified two candidates from the financial services sector and one from the telecommunications industry
* after the first round interviews, the shortlist was reduced to one.  We knew we had to deliver this candidate for our client.
* the short listed candidate had to complete a number of interviews with senior Directors in the UK and US over two month period
* as there was a significant time period between these meetings we kept in close contact with both candidate and client. It was critical that from a client and candidate perspective that interest levels were maintained, and expectations well managed.
* the preferred candidate came from the telecommunications sector proving our ability to find transferable skills in different environments
* we successfully managed the candidate through the offer/resignation process and maintained close communication throughout the three month notice period until he joined our client

Why were we successful?

* our ability to source candidates from outside of the most obvious areas
* we place great emphasis on client and candidate communication particularly throughout such protracted interview processes
* quality rather than quantity – we only forward candidates that match the criteria set by the client